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I AM A STRONG, INDEPENDENT, BLACK WOMAN WHO DONT NEED NO MAN and why are you on my blog go do something with your life or at least go workout dont just sit here

home message el oh el nature/scenery architecture/interiors mosaic view background ©


when u catch someone lookin at you for like the 15th time and u just like damn u tryna holla or what

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*puts snapchat text over area of insecurity* 

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"Be — don’t try to become"
Osho  (via -julia)

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mountain lake at sunrise by Peter Zelei

Streets of Frigiliana, Málaga | Spain (by Nacho Coca)

(via 500px / Pamukkale by Ahmet Şahin)

Groβes Wiesbachhorn  by Filip Stoyanov on Flickr.
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photo by ~ahermin / more

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Whale by Vadik Deep via 500px
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“Lovieroxi” | via Tumblr on @weheartit.com - http://whrt.it/15uoFMM

The Golden Gate Towers With Fog by (BBrown57)